Two Blackheads Conjoin To Form One Satanic Blackhead During Cringeworthy Removal Video

Image Via YouTube/SPA

When it comes to the whole blackhead removal craze, we've got a mixed bag of opinions. On the one hand, we think it's pretty freakin' vile. On the other hand (the more disturbing hand) we think it's pretty freakin' awesome. What can we say? We're dudes — sometimes all it takes is something being gross AF to peak our interest. That being said, there's a specific subset of blackhead removal videos that reign supreme over all other blackhead removal videos in the extraction kingdom — the blackhead in ear removal.

We're not entirely sure what makes the in ear blackhead so popular, but rest assured, you won't be able to look away. Especially after seeing these 2 seemingly innocent blackheads conjoin to form one mega blackhead — potent enough to haunt your precious skincare dreams forever.



Pretty sick, huh? We've gotta admit when all of the gunk is finally removed there's a certain level of satisfaction involved — no, not that sort of satisfaction, you sick freak. As a piece of advice, if you happen to develop a blackhead in your ear — please, please, please don't try and remove it yourself!

Why? Well, you have something called an ear drum and should you rupture that bad boy with a tweezer or comedone extractor, you're in for a whole big world of hell that you couldn't possibly imagine the pain of. There's a reason your momma told you not to stick Q-tips in there!


Be sure to stay on the lookout for more gruesome pimple, cyst, and blackhead removal videos. We know you blemish lovers will continue to appreciate it. Happy extracting, y'all!

Image Via YouTube/SPA

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