Meet Blade Sports, The Badass Competition That Tests Your Cutting Skills

Image via Cheddar // Blade Sports

If there's one thing we know guys like, it's random stuff that involves competing against one another. Hell, how do you think things like bowling, darts and billiards have maintained such popularity over the years, not to mention the fact that there was once a bunch of outdoor competitions hosted by ESPN called the "ESPN Great Outdoor Games" — remember those things?

So, knowing that, it shouldn't come as a surprise that plenty of new activities continue to pop up for us to go head-to-head in, with one of the newest games being something called Blade Sports International, which, as the name suggests, is a competition between people that involves slicing and dicing through random objects with a knife.

Don't believe us? Well, just check out this Facebook video from our friends over at Cheddar to see how it works:

As the video shows, the entire motive behind Blade Sports is to help educate people on knife safety, with participants, who are known as Cutters, actually getting hired by companies to test out and promote the knives, all while showcase their precision with the blade.

Chopping at things like wood, rope, plastic and, even crazier, a moving tennis ball, these Cutters not only have to pass a safety test before competing, but then have to find the nearest Blade Sports event in order to put their skills to the test.

While we're not too handy with a blade in our hands — especially one that's sharp enough to cut through some of the objects that this wild competition includes — we must admit; this is one hell of a way to take out some aggression after a stressful day, week or month's worth of work. Unfortunately, we're not quite sure an companies are lining up to have employees take part as a team outing anytime soon.

We may never do it, but, hey, at least it's cool to watch these "pro" Cutters compete!

Lead Image via Cheddar // Blade Sports

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