Blake Lively Trolls The Hell Outta Husband Ryan Reynolds With An A+ Birthday Post

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Welp, score a social media victory for one of our lady crushes, Blake Lively, because she just got the best of her husband Ryan Reynolds on his birthday with an A+ burn on Twitter. And, as you'd probably expect, it only reminds us why Blake's one of the coolest gals on planet earth.

Reynolds, who turns 41 years old today, found a pretty interesting social media post from his lady earlier today, with Blake posting a photo of Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds together. Except, Reynolds was cut out and Gosling was the main subject, with the words, "Happy Birthday, Baby," accompanying the pic.

And, you know, we're not going to say that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have the best kinda of relationship, but it's hard to argue that thought after seeing where this whole idea came from — 'cause it was some sweet revenge from Lively. That's right, Blake got Ryan back for his post wishing her a happy birthday back in August, where he did something similar; except he was the main focus of the posted image of the two of them.

Jokes on jokes on jokes, guys. So, can someone tell us where we can find a lady as funny, beautiful, talented and witty as Blake Lively? It'd be pretty great having someone who can return some playful jokes rather than go through our phone's pictures and wonder who the hell the cute brunette is in the picture with a bunch of buddies from the weekend at the bar. Oh, sorry, we're just a little bitter about some of our personal experiences.

Anyway, Ryan Reynolds is one of the funniest guys to follow on social media, so we've got a feeling he'll be responding in kind at some point, so Blake Lively best be ready for the tricks that her husband's got up his sleeve.

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