Blindness Fetishes Are Apparently A Real Thing And Wow, We've Seen It All

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I'm only realizing now that the headline seems a bit insensitive. I am in now way making light of actual blindness. In fact, it's probably one of, if not my greatest fear. What I am feeling a little W-T-F about is the idea of being turned on by blindness.

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We're not discussing solely being blindfolded, we're talking about an entire spectrum of being unable to see during sex or a partner being unable to see during sex that results in abnormal enough behavior for the medical community to deem it a paraphilia, more specifically, Amurophilia.

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According to Psychology Today—"Amaurophilia usually manifests itself by an inhibition of sight with either one or both partners using a blindfold or having sex in total darkness. This might be caused by reasons such as religious guilt about nudity and sex, low self-esteem, or feelings of inadequacy. Other amaurophiles may have become conditioned to respond sexually only when a partner is asleep or has their eyes closed. They may have had childhood experiences of sex with siblings who were either sleeping or feigning sleep. Necrophiles also may be aroused by their partners keeping their eyes closed, but would further require a lack of movement."

Signs/characterizations of this paraphilia are broken down in a DPW characteristics format, which is also used for apotemnophilia—those who derive sexual pleasure and arousal from the thought of being an amputee:

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