The Mysterious Body Language Of Women: How To Tell She's Into You Without Any Words

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Let's make something VERY, VERY clear — these forms of body language have been known to be telltale signs that a woman likes you, but in no way are these universal fact. Every woman is different! At the end of the day, all the positive/sexual body language in the world doesn't negate CONSENT, you heard?? Sorry to get all serious, but it's important that now more than ever, this fact is known, respected, and practiced by men everywhere.

Now, let's get to something a bit more lighthearted. Studies have proven that body language is absolutely a real thing and that you can use it to garner information about another person and in this instance, how that person feels about you! This is ESPECIALLY useful with women, because no offense, they're notorious for saying one thing and meaning another. For example, "fine" is NEVER EVER fine and if she says she doesn't care about where you go to eat it's because you're the idiot who hasn't properly suggested the right place. I KNOW we've all been there before — the horror. Women are complicated creatures, what can I say? Beautiful, but complicated.


If She Makes Deep Eye Contact

If She Can't Stop Smiling At You

If She Keeps Finding Excuses To Touch You

If She Plays With Her Hair A Lot

If You Make Her Sweat

If She Bites Or Licks Her Lips

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