Piercings, Tattoos, Or Au Naturale? Survey Shows What Women Are Most Attracted To

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I'm not suggesting that every decision you make in the name of body modification should be to impress a woman. In fact, I'm a firm believer in the idea that if you want to go ahead and tattoo your face or pierce your d*ck, you should go ahead and do that!

Not to sound cliche, but life is reaaaaaalll short and most decisions are wrought with anxiety and indecision, why overcomplicate the simple stuff? Yes, I do realize tattoos are permanent, but still, in the grand scope of, I don't know, choosing a funeral plot, a Nordic Knot on your bicep seems pretty trivial, ya feel me?

With all of that being said, it's still nice to know what women think about these body modifications. I mean, who doesn't like to be equipped with a realistic perception of what they've got going on?

EllipticalReviews.com surveyed 2,600 with some posing questions:

Are respondents more attracted to men with gauge piercings than a tattoo sleeve? Were lip rings or breast implants considered more alluring in women?

Now, since most of reading are men, I'd venture to say you're already well aware of what body modifications you find attractive in women. So for today, we'll be focusing on the female responses with the following images:

I'm certain all of you are intelligent enough to read a basic pie chart, but for good measure, can we all repeat, "Under NO circumstances will I wear my hair in a man bun?" Alright, glad we could address that. I will say, I am slightly shocked that man bun was found to be more off-putting than gauges. I happen to find gauges really gnarly, but nobody asked me, so I'll shut up.

The second chart is the representation of the most common descriptions that accompany each modification:

So there you have it, gentleman. Do you want to be down to earth and trendy or tacky and attention-seeking? Frankly, I prefer to just be myself, but these studies keep getting in the way of that.

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