Watch: Model Goes On Tinder Date Wearing Only Body Paint, Hilarity (And Confusion) Ensues

Lead Image via YouTube

Come on, guys, be honest — is there really any kind of prank out there better than a body paint prank? We don't think so, and the latest and greatest from Jen The Body Painter on YouTube is most definitely proof of that. She decided to set up one of her models on a Tinder date (on Valentine's Day, no less) to see the guy's reaction (or lack thereof) to the body painted surprised.

While we're fairly certain the idea was supposed to be embarrassing for the guy, we can think of no better scenario than a Tinder date showing up wearing entirely paint. That said, it's still highly entertaining. The reactions of the bystanders might just better than from the date himself, but we'll let you guys be the judge of that.

The model, Joy Jewell should win a damn Oscar for that performance. She didn't falter once! For starters, she didn't seem remotely phased by the obvious stares from strangers — that's a truly confident woman right there! Secondly, no matter how many times her poor date questioned her outfit, she insisted it was real!

Our favorite quotes was, "It's called work ethic at the gym and cute clothes." Well, you go, girl! Even without the cute clothes, it's clear she has some seriously strong work ethic at the gym. Not many people can pull off body paint (especially in broad daylight). Guys, just to be clear, this doesn't work both ways. Under no circumstances should you ever go on a date (and or, leave the house) wearing body paint, OK?

Lead Image via YouTube/Jen The Body Painter

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