Bodybuilder Jason Wittrock Shows You The Premier Workout For The Strongest Arms Of Your Life

It's every guys' pride and joy, his arms. While we all obsess over a flat stomach and toned legs, it's the arms that men believe will get the most attention from the ladies. And because that's the case, we headed over to BodyBuilding.com's YouTube channel to score some tips from bodybuilder Jason Wittrock.

Introducing a new routine that uses just a single cable stack and some dumbbells, Wittrock swears that this 45-60-minute workout will get you as jacked up as Schwarzenegger back in the day.


Attacking both the biceps and triceps, Jason Wittrock shows you how to use supersets, dropsets, and negative reps to make your arms as big as they'll ever be. Beware, though, because the trainer insists this isn't for the faint of heart, admitting that this workout requires patience and someone with experience in the gym.

For those up to the challenge, get after it and see how the results will leave you looking jacked up once the warmer months come.

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