Meet The Bollinger B1 SUV: The First All-Electric, Off/On Road Sport Utility Truck (And It STILL Kicks Ass)

Image via Bollinger // Muted

I grew up wanting, and still consider getting, a Jeep Wrangler. Those days are gone, though, after seeing pics of the Bollinger B1 All-Electric SUV, which is the world's first ever all-electric, all-wheel drive, off/on road sport utility truck.

And, guess what, it still hauls some serious ass!

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More similarly designed to compete with the Land Rovers and Mercedes-Benz SUVs of the world, the Bollinger Motors B1 looks like a mix between one of those boxy, off-roading trucks that has zero regard for what Mother Nature might throw in its path — and the specs on it would suggest that it really doesn't.

Designed to convert from a full cab to half cab convertible, the B1 has all wheel-drive and can hit the 60 mile per hour mark in a blazing 4.5 seconds, which, holy shit, should be illegal for a truck that's perceived to be designed for off-roading more than it is speed. As an aside, the top speed is about 127 mph, pulled by 360 horses and 472 pound/foot of torque.

With batteries that have about a 12-hour charge time, the Bollinger Motors B1 is as atypical of an SUV as you'll ever see when it comes to gas mileage, yet still carries the style, substance and badassery that one wants in an all-wheel drive, off/on road sport utility truck.

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While the look and feel of the B1 is nearly flawless, if I may say so myself, unfortunately, the SUV faces a few obstacles before it can officially hit the market. That won't stop founder and CEO Robert Bollinger, though, per Car And Driver:

“This is the culmination of what has been a 40-year-long boyhood dream of mine,” founder and CEO Robert Bollinger confirmed in a press release. That dream consists of a very rugged, off-roadable, back-to-basics sport-utility truck with an all-electric powertrain.

In addition to the rugged exterior, it's the B1's interior that separates it from the rest of the luxury SUVs out there, with the mix of circular gauges and a three-spoke steering wheel, among other things, that really accentuate the design.

According to the aforementioned Car And Driver piece, Bollinger confirmed that the B1 will be built in the United States, with first deliveries target for early 2019 — however the company is said to be holding off on accepting $1,000 down payments until early 2018.

With a price tag of $60,000, the Bollinger B1 All-Electric SUV is the ideal ride for both day-to-day drivers commuting to work or hauling things around, as well as the weekend warriors who hit the off-roading trails — and it's not your normal gas guzzler, guys!

Muted, Car And Driver

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