Bombshell Romanian Weather Lady Daniela Crudu Accidentally Lost Her Top During Live Broadcast

Image via Instagram

Earlier today, we gave you some of the strange stuff that can happen while watching live TV, as someone compiled the funniest live TV news bloopers from 2016. And while those mishaps probably caused some laughter, the one that just happened with sexy Romanian weather girl Daniela Crudu will make you drool.

That's because, while trying to milk a goat on a TV show, Daniela accidentally flashed her boobs twice to everyone watching.


Wearing a very loose, off-the-shoulder top, Daniela tested fate by not wearing a bra, so, really, everyone should have seen something like this happening.

That said, Daniela Crudu is a total dimepiece, so here are more pics from her Instagram account to salivate over.

While Daniela was unaware of the nip slip, it's something that has become quite the trend for her, as she had the same thing happen just a few months ago. For some reason, I don't think too many viewers are complaining.


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