Boobs: The Ideal And Average Sizes From Around The World

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Even if you identify as a "butt guy" and not a "boob guy", there's a good chance that you have an appreciation for boobs. People love the size, the shape, the feel and, of course, the look of them. And it's not just regulated to men, either, as women are some of the ones who think most about the damn things.

But, one of the biggest questions has always been this: What's the perfect size? Well, we've got an answer, as the website DrEd.com surveyed 1,000 American and 1,000 European men and women to discover the ideal breast size.

Men vs. Women

The Ideal Size From Around The World

The Average Size From Around The World

Satisfaction With Partner's Breasts

After seeing this information, three things seem to stick out the most:

Also, with Romanian women averaging a D cup, we've just discovered where we'll be traveling to for vacation this summer. Hoochie mama!

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