'You Can Drink All Night Without Getting Drunk' Says Owner Of The Boston Beer Company

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So, Esquire had the brilliant (and potentially dangerous) idea of testing out a theory relayed to them by Jim Koch, the owner of The Boston Beer Company. Koch made the pretty bold statement, that it's in fact possible to drink all night without getting drunk. He says that this "trick" was taught to him by a biochemist and fermentation science expert friend of his, Dr. Joe Owades. Must be nice to know a biochemist, we don't have any friends nearing that level of intelligence, especially when the subject of beer is involved.

The formula, despite being pretty unappetizing, is simple enough. One teaspoon of active dry yeast for every beer you plan on drinking. This may actually be effective in limiting alcohol intake in general. Given the video above, we think the idea of 10 teaspoons of yeast will put you off beer for a bit. Sacrifices must be made though, right?

Have we lost you yet? Normally, we wouldn't be encouraging readers to exit the article before reading all the way through, but frankly, I'm hoping you've all began sprinting to the grocery store with a very specific list in hand:

  1. Active Dry Yeast
  2. Yogurt
  3. A Sh*t ton of beer

The best part about this is, that we don't feel like we're encouraging unhealthy behavior. We mean, sure, the alcohol itself in excess (with or without the yeast) will still be damaging to your vital organs, most specifically the liver, but at the very least, this means you won't make a complete jerk of yourself every time you drink — and that's something we can support, 100%! If you can't beat em', you might as well educate them as best as humanly possible, right? Enjoy, guys. Drink responsibly!

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