This Boston Dynamics Robot Dog Is The Pet Of The Future (Video)

Image via YouTube/BostonDynamics

While we are beyond impressed by this Boston Dynamics robot dog, we'd like to clarify that in no way is this AI animal better than the real deal. Sure, it can open doors, but can it cuddle? Can it chase its own tail? Can it bark relentlessly at the mail man? No! Well, at least we don't think it can. Regardless, real pups will always be the greatest gift to man. That said, this thing is pretty freakin' awesome. Even if it's a little too Black Mirror for of y'all, we recommend getting over your techno-paranoia and watching this video.

In the footage below, you'll see the Boston Dynamics' SpotMini robot struggling to open the door. All of a sudden, another SpotMini runs over, but this robot is clearly superior and yeah, we can't deny it, creepy.

See what we're saying? Impressive doesn't even begin to cover it. According to Boston Dynamics, SpotMini is the quietest robot they've ever built. So, in that capacity, it's better than a real dog. Additionally, they detailed that it fits perfectly in either an office or home. No need to worry about working in a pet-friendly environment, we hardly doubt anyone in your workplace will be allergic to the SpotMini.

As far as travel is concerned, the SpotMini weighs about 60 pounds. That's not exactly what you'd call lightweight — the average male Basset Hound is about 60 pounds. Imagine carrying a Basset Hound around with you. We assume that anyone who purchases this robot, will be keeping it remote. Depending upon what it's doing, the SpotMini can last up to 90 minutes on a charge — imagine all the possibilities? We wonder how many trips to the fridge to get a beer that would be?

To see more footage of the SpotMini, head on over to Boston Dynamics.

Lead Image via YouTube/BostonDynamics

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