Reasons To Stop Putting Off Traveling And Go Have A Boys Weekend

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Ah, yes, the desired boys weekend. A time when you and your buddies can actually spend some quality time together and return to the glory days for 48-to-72 hours, with alcohol (presumably) can be flowing like water and very little worry in the world. Although you haven't taken a real vacation in years, planning a boys weekend is the ideal way to catch up with your friends.

Problem is, traveling is one of the easiest things to put off. You’ll tell yourself that you’ll plan a vacation once the loans are all paid off. Or when you get a promotion. Or when you get a less demanding job. Or when the kids just go off to college… the list goes on.


Sure, “cleaning up your apartment” is pretty easy to put off, too, but, unless you’re one of those guys who collects pizza boxes in the corner of your bedroom, that eventually gets done. To some, traveling seems like a luxury, but really it should be something of a staple in everyone’s life. And, you don’t need to stay at the Ritz for a couple nights to reap the benefits of a few days off — especially if it’s for a boys weekend. All work and no play will make you a very dull boy.

We've given you the best places to travel on a budget before, but here are four major reasons why you need to actually get out there and start making traveling more of a priority.

It Chills You Out

Now, we’re not talking about traveling for work — because that could be the furthest thing away from reducing stress. But, when you’re able to get away and break free for a boys weekend, it allows you to unwind and recharge. If that seems impossible, realize it’s important to be able to break away from the real world. It’s crucial. It allows you take a step away from everything and then come back recharged. Even if it seems like you can’t disconnect from work, trust us, you can. Your company won’t go under while you take a long weekend to yourself. You might even be surprised to find who steps up in your place and it'll lead to better delegating in tough situations or reduced stress because you won't be as consumed with all your future work tasks.

Gets You Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Planning a trip across the world for the first time? We guarantee that you've got some nerves while booking that trip. With every trip, there’s a whole lot of unknown. Even after your flight's booked, your reservation's all set and even have an itinerary solidified that accounts for every minute, it doesn’t matter. The more you try to plan it, the more likely it is that it will all go sideways. That’s the best part about traveling, when you can embrace your lack of control, you just become a passenger along for the ride. There is nothing comfortable about traveling, from the leg room in coach to trying to communicate in a language you don’t know, but that’s what makes it interesting.

It Gives Fresh Perspective

More than likely, if it does happen to be a boys weekend, it's not going to be across the country. That doesn't mean there isn't time for reflection. Regardless of where you travel to, when you’re finally disconnected, you’re able to evaluate all the moving parts of your life with thorough inspection. You can evaluate yourself. You can evaluate your relationships. You can evaluate work. And believe us, when you get back from your brief hiatus, you’ll have a different viewpoint. It’s too easy to get caught up in the rat race, but it’s even easier to take a step back when you make taking a vacation important.

It Makes You A Kick-Ass Dinner Guest

With every new adventure is a new story. Learning about different cultures can broaden your horizons, and engaging with different people from across the world or in other parts of the country can reshape your opinions. Traveling brings people together — whether you’re shooting the shit with someone over a drink at a random bar or you meet other people traveling and join groups. It unifies — especially when it's a boys weekend. C'mon, what guys wouldn't want to mix their group with a bachelorette party there vacationing as well? There’s no shortage of stories of people meeting their best friends on vacation, uprooting their lives because they found purpose while away, or finding the love of their life in a foreign place. It all adds up to great fodder to talk about during brunch — which, inevitably, includes lots of solid cocktail options.

There’s not much to it, just book the trip and take the ride. Plan it all over a course of a few months and make it happen. Next time you’re looking for small talk at a party, tell someone about your last trip; it’s sure to have some good stories.

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