Brad Pitt's 'Tyler Durden Workout' Will Have You Fight Club Ready In No Time

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Ironically enough, no BS, Fight Club (1999) was on Starz—channel 300-something if you have Optimum—last night before I went to bed. I mention this for two reasons. The obvious being that it's the focus of this article and the second-being that it's definitely one of my top 10 favorite movies of all time. I watch it EVERY time it's on, no matter how much it cuts into my 8-10 hours of necessary sleep for a gal my age. Needless to say, I'm pretty freaking tired today, but again, it was well-worth it.

Both Brad Pitt and Ed Norton pull off amazing performances in the film, solidifying a sort of cult classic status for the 2-hour and 31-minute drama. Personally speaking, I prefer Ed Norton's role in the film, as I gravitate toward the more every-man persona. However, I certainly can't knock Pitt's stellar portrayal of Tyler Durden. Furthermore, I am a woman, after all—those abs alone are enough to keep me intrigued.


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A large majority of Durden's allure in the film is his look. He's badass to be sure—I mean, the guy smokes cigarettes while pounding people's faces in, does it get any more cut throat than that. I wouldn't exactly call him a pillar of Health and Fitness but according to some sources with the right diet and exercise, you could 100% pull of his physique.

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To start, it's important to analyze Pitt's actual body-comp while shooting Fight Club. As per Fitness B&W:

"Brad Pitt weighed about 155 lbs. (he’s 6 ft. tall) in Fight Club and was at 5-6% body fat – pretty 'small' but you can see how shedding fat will actually make you appear bigger and give you a much more impressive physique!"

They then proceeded to detail an entire Tyler Durden workout plan (way better than Kayne West's). We'll go ahead and give you a sample of that as well—

Monday – Chest

Tuesday – Back

Wednesday – Shoulders

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