Break-Up Study Shows Just How Anxious Men Are To Get Back Into The Dating Pool

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Breaking up is always hard to do. Whether it's trying to relieve the pain of a woman you had a few dates with and already developed a crush on, a girl you dated for a few months or, worse, someone who you had a long-term relationship with, going from taken to single is always a tough transition.

Well, in some cases.

A new survey conducted by AskMen asked 1,500 people, both men and women, to see how they handled breakups. The stats may surprise some of you.


While there's no right or wrong way to get over a break-up, the stats show that men tend to do it a hell of a lot faster than women do, as a surprising 61 percent said they would sign up for a dating app within a couple weeks after parting ways with an ex. Maybe more surprising is that 36 percent of millennial men in that group say they'd actually use a dating app within the week.

As for ladies, well, they hold grudges. That's not just a myth, either, as the study showed that 30 percent actually wish their ex would never date again! That's a little much to ask, in our opinion, but it just goes to show that no man should ever take a woman for granted and break her heart—because she'll be upset, and she, more than likely, will not like you afterwards.

Interesting stuff, so solid info for both men and women to know.


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