The Breast Debate: Men Discuss Big Vs. Small

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When it comes to men and breast size there are a few varying opinions. Some men prefer big, like Demi Rose Mawby. While other prefer small, like Kendall Jenner If we had a couple of hours, we could go ahead and get into breast shape as well, but ain't nobody got time for that! One thing we do know for certain is that breasts are big deal for men — especially if they've got some of their own. Blegh, let's avoid man boob talk for now and get to the good stuff.



Once again we look to the Askreddit users of the internet to school us on what's what. Of course, we have our own opinions when it comes to this matter — or rather, these matters. Breasts is plural, after all. However, we enjoy gauging the overall climate of public opinion! What do the people want?!


Reddit user, h-to-the-izzo posed the following question and we've gotta say, we're really happy that they did! Also, kudos on the inclusivity. They didn't specify just men, but all people attracted to women. We're always open to the lesbian perspective, they know more than we do...remember that!

"Redditors who are attracted to women, what do you think of small boobs?"

Oh goody, it feels like Christmas morning already! Breast talk is the best talk!

A Wise Man Once Said ...

"Small boobs are are awesome! Big boobs are awesome! Average boobs are awesome! Man boobs, not so awesome."

Don't Make Assumptions

"Assuming they are connected to a living girl, awesome!"


Breast Mathematics

"qual-titty > quan-titty"

Amen, Brother

"All boobs are good boobs."


Classic Debate

"Boobs are a lot like Coke Vs. Pepsi — we may state a preference, but we'll take what's on tap."

Beggars Can't Be Choosers

"Yep, boobs are awesome, and if someone allows me the privilege of seeing theirs, there's no way in hell I'm going to complain."


Looking To The Future

"Big fan of small boobs. I'm in it for the long haul — so, I'd rather a woman whose back isn't permanently aching from carrying those boulders around."

A True Gentleman

"The girl behind the boobs matters more than the boobs themselves."


Last, But Certainly Not Least ...

"Idgaf about tiddies tbh, but the booty gotta have some curve to it at least."

To read the full thread, head on over to Reddit for more big, little, and beyond boob talk.

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