BrewQube: The Intelligent Draft Beer System That Holds Up To 288 Ounces Of Beer

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There are a couple of reasons I love beer, but most specifically it's because I find it to be the most fun alcoholic beverage to consume. Think about it, you don't see too many people playing Tequila pong, unless of course they have a death wish. Beer is social, it's simple, it's refreshing—it can be paired with finger food or fine cuisine. It's a universally enjoyed drink through and through, no question!

It's a staple amongst presidents and college students alike and unless you've got yourself a seriously unfortunate allergy, there's a good chance you wouldn't mind someone sliding you a nice frosty brew at this very moment. Sorry gluten free folks, cider is great too!

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Another reason beer is my absolute fave is because the industry doesn't just stop at the beverage, it's about the experience! Sure, there are some dudes who are content with their 6-pack of room temperature Bud Light, but there are others who want MORE and oh boy, do they get it. That's where the BrewQube comes in, a device nearly impossible to describe in a single sentence, because multifaceted doesn't even begin to cover it—

> "BrewQube is a convenient, interactive countertop draft beer system that is brilliantly designed to enhance the way you enjoy your favorite craft beer at home or on the go."

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