Britney Spears Sets Instagram Ablaze In A Tiny Pink Dress That's Giving Us '...Baby One More Time' Vibes

Leave it to Britney Spears to take an otherwise boring Friday night and add a jolt of excitement, thanks to a killer Instagram post that sees the 35-year-old musician looking just as sexy as she did in her "I'm a Slave 4 U" days. Spears, who has long been a crush of all of ours since, oh, say 1999 when the song "...Baby One More Time" took her from former Disney star to pop sensation, seems to just continue to get better and better as she ages, reminding us all that, yeah, she's still only in her mid-30s and, yep, she's still got the goods — especially when she's rocking a baby pink fitting for any pop queen.

See, as the headline says, Britney Spears really does know how to pull of the color pink, and we suspect that in just a few moments, you guys will have to agree. Never one to shy away from posting impeccable content to her Instagram, Britney posted a little Cyndi Lauper dance number below that's driving us wild! Go ahead and take a look, we have a feeling it will be the start of a beautiful weekend.

Now that we've watched Britney Spears twirling around for about 10 minutes, maybe it's time to continue on to some more sexiness. What do you guys say? Sound like a plan? OK, enough from us, it's time to admire some of Britney Spears' other iconic Instagram pics to help waste your day away.

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