Britney Spears Is Pretty (Read: Smokin' Hot) In Pink For Her Latest Perfume Ad

Britney Spears has been on the scene since the early 90's and it doesn't seem like she's slowing down any time soon. Frankly, we're not complaining whatsoever and we doubt her 17.1 million Instagram followers are either!


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She did take a brief social media hiatus, at least from IG, leaving about 20-days or so in between posts. Yes, we take notice to such things. No, we're not ashamed. What?! How could we possibly ignore that the pop star's last post was of fire works on The Fourth of July followed by radio silence. It was dark times, folks, dark times.

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Well, the darkness is over—thank God! Britney is back to posting pretty consistently, a few pictures of which were from her latest perfume ad. I don't know about you guys, but after seeing these pics I may very well go-ahead and buy myself some Britney fragrance. If it smells HALF as good as she looks, well hot damn! I'll be smelling like a million bucks.

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We don't want to keep you guys waiting too much longer! But before we go ahead and let you drool over Miss Britney, can we just give a little credit where credit is do? Take a minute to flashback to 2007—Spears was a hot mess! Shaving her head, attacking paparazzi, the whole bit! She's now blossomed into a gorgeous woman and mother. Let this be a lesson, Fellas. Just because you don't have it together in your 20s, doesn't mean you can't bounce back!

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