The 10 Dumbest Things A Guy Can Do In A Relationship (As Told By Model/Wrestler Brooke Adams)

If you don't already know pro wrestler and model Brooke Adams yet, we need to know what the hell you've been doing with your life? A three–time TNA Knockouts Champion, and a former one–time TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champ, kicking ass at life is just sort of the norm for Brooke.

With stunning looks and the ability to have a mean streak while in the ring, it's safe to say Brooke Adams is every man's crush. Which, even without knowing a thing about her, is well-deserved after just one, very long, look.

And, because Brooke wants to see men succeed when it comes to dating, she was sweet enough to offer up some dating tips and advice for guys everywhere to follow. After all, we may not want to admit it, but we all make the same mistakes while in a relationship, so why not get a few suggestions from a gorgeous woman to fix them?

Like some other hot Instagram models who we've talked with, the 32-year-old brunette is here to save men from, well, themselves, so see what Brooke Adams had to say were the 10 dumbest things a guy can do in a relationship. And, here's a pro tip, go ahead and stop doing them!

No Phone Zone

Brooke Adams: "Looking at your phone while I'm talking to you and then asking, 'Uh, sorry, what?' This is so annoying because you feel that, whatever you’re doing, is more important than what I am saying."

Social Status

Brooke Adams: "Stop demanding a Facebook relationship status. Are we 15? No!. It’s immature and tells me that you care more about the appearance of our relationship rather than the core of it."

Likes And Comments

Brooke Adams: "Don't get upset over another man's comments on social media. I have to have a secure man to date me, and, because I post provocative photos online, it takes a special man to know that he can handle it and know I'm not going anywhere."

No Bone Zone

Brooke Adams: "Doing anything that gives off that whole, 'Hey, I wanna bang' hint. I've got zero clue where men ever thought this was a good idea. Women aren’t like men. We don't get turned on because the wind decided to blow. Women like to be touched on the neck, lower back and kissed deeply. Thats how you give a real hint."

Just One Word...

Brooke Adams: "Stop with the one word answers. How can I get to know you with one word answers, guys? One word answers are usually the end to convos because you’ve given nothing to keep the conversation going. How boring is that?"

No Slobs

Brooke Adams: "Start picking up your underwear and putting in the basket that four-feet away, or, at the minimum, mildly clean up after yourself. I'm not your mom, and I feel like a man can do his share in at least trying to pick up after himself. It's being respectful. If you just try a little, I'll move a mountain for your ass!"

Don't Chew On This

Brooke Adams: "Guys, just stop chewing with your mouth open. This speaks for itself. I'll legit vomit if you chew like a horse; so unattractive."

Skin Is In

Brooke Adams: "Requiring me to wear certain clothes when I'm not with you because of your lame insecurities. Yep, this has happened to me numerous times. I've dated men that would ask me to send them photos of my outfits to approve, no joke. Well, I played along and then changed and eventually left their sorry asses."

All Aboard The Wrong Train

Brooke Adams: "Not admitting your mistakes. Look, we all make them and, although you think you’re a god, you aren’t. It saves a lot of headache admitting your wrongs."

Blowing Up The Phone

Brooke Adams: "Sending me 47,438 texts or calling me every 30 minutes when we aren’t together is not sexy. This is the fastest way to make me want to cheat or leave you. It shows that you're insecure and that your life stops without me. It also makes me wonder what the hell you’re doing to me, that makes you so crazy about knowing what I'm doing."

Lead image and other embedded images via Steven Grant.

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