Brooklyn Decker's Hottest Moments Prove She's One Of The Sexiest WAGS In The Game

It's been way too long since we've written about the lovely Miss Brooklyn Decker, so we decided it would be a nice little Monday treat to highlight her hottest Instagram and red carpet moments. Now, for those of you who don't follow Brooklyn Decker's Instagram, may we ask what in the fresh hell you're thinking?! She's a babe! In fact, we've been in love with Brooklyn ever since 2011, you know, because of the beach scene in Just Go With It. Oh, you don't recall which beach scene we're referring to? Hold on, we'll go ahead and jog your memory.


Yeah, THAT beach scene. To be fair, we doubt any of you had forgotten, we just wanted an excuse to use the GIF. Now, of course Brooklyn is way more than just a pretty face and rocking body. The 30-year-old Sports Illustrated alum and mother of one happens to be a kickass actress. If you guys haven't watched the Netflix original series Grace & Frankie just yet, perhaps knowing Brooklyn has a series role will convince you. She plays Jane Fonda's younger daughter and while her character isn't there to add sex appeal, she's funny as hell and fiercely relatable.

Of course, we mentioned in the headline that Brooklyn is one of the sexiest WAGS in the game. She's been married to professional tennis player, Andy Roddick since 2009. Sigh. We hate to remind y'all that she's off the market, but it's important to manage expectations, ya know?

Now, without further adieu go ahead and take a look at Brooklyn's 18 hottest Instagram and red carpet moments. Believe us, they're sure to eliminate any work day blues you might be feeling. In fact, you might want to go ahead and bookmark this page — just in case.

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