Bruce Willis Talked About A 'Die Hard' 6 Script And It Sounds Like It's Definitely Happening, Guys

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For as long as we can all remember, actor Bruce Willis has been kicking serious ass. Not only does the 62-year-old actor have a new film coming out in a couple days, Death Wish — which looks awesome — but one of his all-time greatest roles is John McClane in the Die Hard movies. And, guess what? Willis joined The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night hinting at a Die Hard 6 film in the works, mentioning that he's about to fly from New York to Los Angeles to check out the script.

Is anyone else pumped AF to hear this news? Guys, the Die Hard series goes all the way back to 1988, which means that shockingly, it's celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Since then, there have been sequels to follow up the original, and, somehow, have delivered kick-ass action that actually doesn't suck! It's no wonder we named McClane as one of the best buddy cop flicks of all-time.


Showing up to talk with Fallon with his arm in a sling — how fitting, am I right? — Bruce Willis talked about a number of things relating to his career and Die Hard in general. But, it was when Fallon asked him about the potential of a sixth film in the series being released that sh-t got serious. Take a listen to what Willis had to say about the rumors.

Even the way Bruce Willis nods his head and says that, yeah, there's a sixth Die Hard script to Fallon is cool. The guy just oozes awesomeness — which is probably why he's been beating bad dudes at their own game for the past 30 years!

In the words of Willis' John McClane, "Yippee-ki-yay, motherf-cker!" Now let's just cross our fingers and hope that this actually comes to fruition and isn't just a tease. Something tells me it will happen, so let's get it done, boys!

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