Brutal Road Rage Footage Proves That Men Really Shouldn't Go Swinging Their Bats Around

If you don't live in the Tri-state Area, the following display of road rage may look a bit unfamiliar to you. This is not me bragging or boasting, by the way. It's actually terrifying driving in this part of The United States. So much so, that I actually enjoy taking public transportation.

The difficulty driving in the Tri-state doesn't come from the terrain, or traffic, or even the skill-set of the drivers, it comes from their nasty, entitled, I've got no patience, my time is more important than yours grade A attitude.

Given the video below, it looks like this issue persists in other parts of the world as well. There are no license plates displayed in the video, but judging by the accents from the gasps inside the car, I've venture to say this take place somewhere in The UK.

I don't personally condone this sort of violence, behind the wheel or otherwise, but when you see what happens to the jackass swinging the bat, you're going to be smiling from ear to ear.

Also, as an aside. My favorite comedian, Louis C.K. does the MOST AMAZING standup regarding road rage that I highly suggest you watch after this video. Here's a little tid bit from it—"It's amazing how nasty we can get as people, depending upon the situation, most people are okay, as long as they're okay, but if you put people in certain context they just change. Like when I'm in my car, I have a different set of values. I am THE WORST person I can be when I'm behind the wheel, which is when I'm at my most dangerous. When you're driving that's when you need to be the most compassionate and responsible than any other time of your life because you are driving a weapon amongst weapons."


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