What's Worse? This Bills Fan's Drunken Attempt Of Jumping From A Roof Or The Team Itself?

Image Via Twitter/Barstool Sports

In the spirit of #TeamWork I had to ask my boss (hey, Nick) if the Buffalo Bills we're a good Football team? His response was short and sweet — "The Buffalo Bills are a bad football team." This was pleasing to me for a few reasons. 1. I felt dumb not knowing who they were and hearing that they sucked lessened that feeling. 2. Is there anything better than a bad football team with crazy fans? It's like, where the heck does that misplaced sense of pride even come from? It's sort of being like obscenely patriotic nowadays despite the ridiculous state of America, but I digress. Let's not get too political, yeah?

Bills fans specifically are a particular brand of insane, labeling themselves members of the #BillsMafia. I currently have images of Al Capone rolling over in his grave right now, but hey! Syndicated crime families and crappy football teams aren't too different if you really think about it. In a series of Tweets from Barstool Sports, you'll get to see this fan's epic, drunken fail from not ONE, but TWO heinous angles. Take a look —




Yikes, talk about some cringeworthy material, amirite? He looked proud, so damn proud. That is of course until his tailbone caught the brunt of his fall. I think my favorite part is the 10+ smartphones filming the entire ordeal. Not a single person looked concerned, or at the very least, shocked. College students are nothing if not resilient. I mean who else can sustain life on cheap alcohol and ramen noodles? Keep on keepin' on, #BillsMafia.

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