This Bulletproof Clothing Is An Absolute Game-Changer (But We're Not Daring Enough To Test It Out)

Image via Cheddar // Miguel Caballero

Every so often, there's a product that comes out that absolutely blows our minds. We're not talking about silly fads or trends that come and go with the seasons, but things that actually make us wonder how in the hell someone could be so smart as to develop a crazy concept.

For instance, anyone who has ever watched the TV show Shark Tank knows that not every idea is a billion dollar one, but, when lucky and just absurd enough, even the strangest product can become a hit.

Take this bulletproof clothing line from Miguel Caballero, which is a company that only develops and produces clothing that can't be penetrated by a bullet — which is pretty wild to imagine. One look at this video and you'll see why it's so crazy, and effective.

So, yeah, if you're one of those people who just freak out about the possibility of being hit by a crazy sniper while walking around, this stuff can absolutely be your saving grace.

Miguel Caballero counts plenty of high-profile people as clients, such as former U.S. President Barack Obama, the current President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto and King Felipe VI of Spain, among other VIPs who might be at risk of getting shot by some looney. The company also provides clothing for various military personnel, police and private security, giving those people a sense of relief from any potential gunshots coming their way.

With four product lines available — Black, MC4-G, S33 and Turer — Miguel Caballero has something for everyone who might be worried about getting hit by a random bullet, although, really, who is that paranoid, right?

Here's a short description on their various lines:


After originally making bulletproof leather and suede jackets, Miguel Caballero expanded to other clothes like raincoats and blazers, and even have women's line.


Tailored for private security and armored cars, the MC4-G line is the sportiest styles from the company.


Specifically designed for those in military and armed forces, intelligence and investigation groups or criminology units, Miguel Caballero offers the S33 line.


Designed to provide protection for motorcycle riders.

We're not sure about you, but, in our opinion, it sure looks as if Miguel Caballero has pretty much everything covered to keep people safe. But, let's be honest, testing this stuff out wouldn't be a job that we're really willing to do anytime soon.

Lead image via Cheddar // Miguel Caballero.

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