This Terrifying Video Of The California Fires Is Like Driving Into The Depths Of Hell

Image via Twitter/WLV_investor

If you haven't been paying attention to the California fires that have been sweeping across the southern part of that state, it might be time to inform yourself, because the situation has become dire, with residents forced to evacuate, fearful of returning to nothing but ash once the situation gets controlled. Unfortunately, that doesn't appear to be anytime soon, as Mother Nature has reared her ugly head in a major way with these California fires, burning any and everything that is in its path.

For those who are distant from the situation in Southern California, look no further than a recent terrifying video that has made its rounds on social media in the past 24 hours. The video, which was posted by a Twitter user with the handle WLV_investor, epitomizes just how insanely scary the California fires have gotten, with the video below appearing as if the person is driving into the depths of hell!

After watching that video a few times, it's as if Mother Nature wanted to produce a real-life sci-fi movie, where the sky was going to be an apocalyptic reminder that something bad was about to happen. I couldn't even begin to fathom what the hell is going through the minds of anyone having to deal with the situation in SoCal, but, man, our thoughts are with them.

According to a piece by NBC News, Los Angeles Fire Department Chief Ralph M. Terrazas said that these California fires follows the same footprint as a 1961 Bel-Air Fire, which destroyed around 500 homes. To slow that fire down, the fire department used brush clearing and increased water pressure.

"The thing that stopped that fire was the wind died down," Terrazas said. “Right now we’re experiencing favorable wind conditions ... but we are anticipating a continuation of the red flag conditions throughout the week, at least until Friday."

We all know that Mother Nature doesn't mess around — whether it's a hurricane, earthquake or something else. But the ongoing California fires are some of the most intense and terrifying natural disaster in recent memory, so here's to hoping they get controlled and residents forced from their homes are able to recover.

Lead image via Twitter/WLV_investor.

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