Callus Trimming Videos Have Become The Latest (Nasty) Internet Trend And 2018 Is Already Ruined

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Move over, Dr. Pimple Popper, it looks like there's a new sheriff in town! Callus trimming videos have slowly, but surely began to creep their way onto the YouTube scene and we're not going to lie to you guys, they're pretty freakin' entertaining. Of course, by entertaining, we mean completely F'in disgusting. Then again, we're a site proud to report on blackhead extractions and ingrown hair removals, so, really, this isn't anything new. As with all videos of this disturbing nature, watch with caution! If you've just eaten breakfast (especially anything with shaved parmesan) please refrain from watching.

OK, if you're still with us, congratulations! You've made it to the next round. Now is the time in the article when we advise our readers not to take a razor blade to their own foot for the sake of creating internet content. We know going viral is enticing, but one wrong move and you're foot is mincemeat (sorry for the imagery). If you're really looking to remove those pesky calluses in a healthy way, get a pedicure! We know it may seem "girly", but we promise it's a much safer alternative.

Most standard pedicures cost anywhere from $20-30 and adding a callus peel is generally only $5-8. With all the money you waste on beer, consider this a solid lifestyle investment. Plus, pedicures are relaxing AF — you get to sit in a massage chair and have someone rub your feet for 45 minutes. Hell, they even clip your toenails. Think about it, guys.

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