Cam Newton And Some Big Booty Ladies Filmed A Bogus Rap Video To Celebrate His Birthday

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Carolina Panthers MVP quarterback Cam Newton celebrates his 28th birthday today—happy birthday, Cam. But, to celebrate, well, the former No. 1 overall pick didn't just go out and hit the club like most of us probably did when we reached that age, but, instead, decided to do something so ridiculous that it's easy to see why the guy gets so much hate tossed his way.

That's because Newton actually hired a professional camera crew to follow him around and film a music video... and it's so, so bad.

Using 2 Chainz's "Birthday Song" for the tune, Cam Newton was busy dancing around and lip-synching the lyrics, and can be seen doing things like pseudo twerking with big booty ladies and tossing friends of private boats.

Look, I'm at no liberty to talk sh-t about Cam's little personal party—hell, if I had a private boat to party on with my buddies, I'd be doing it all the time. Still, dude, why? That has to be the question we all ask ourselves because, well, this is so stupid.

It's not as if Newton is an aspiring musician, or, from what we know about him, has any musical talents other than screaming really loudly on occasion to get himself hyped up. Furthermore, it's the middle of May, why bring unnecessary attention to yourself and give opponents more fuel to mock you come next season? You don't think defenders are making a mental note about this as we speak for the next time they sack Cam?

Anyway, it's all sorts of pathetic, comes across as desperate for attention and, as you'll probably see in the next day or so, will only give haters of Cam Newton—I promise I'm actually not one of them—more reason to call him immature or something.

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