Cam Newton Slid Into Some Girl's Instagram DMs And Let's Just Say He Fumbled Big Time

Image via Instagram

Man, when will athletes learn to hold back their thirst and avoid sliding into a girl's DMs? We've seen it plenty of times before—most recently coming from college quarterback Chad Kelly of the Ole Miss Rebels—and, more often than not, the messages will become public.

Now, reigning NFL MVP Cam Newton is trying to do it, as he dropped some lines on a random girl by using incredibly confusing font—which matches the font he's used in previous Instagram posts of his, per Baller Alert:

People are convinced that the DMs are real since the font in the messages match that of other posts of Cam's—like his most recent one, seen above.

Cam must not have read one of our main girl's, Bri Teresi, tips on how to properly slide into a girl's DMs, because his game was awful.

H/T Barstool Sports