Can Someone Tell Me WTF Is Going On With This Lady's Feet At The Gym?

Image via Twitter

We're big fans of optical illusions and weird photos that make us try to uncover even the weirdest things. Unfortunately, there's one floating around on the Internet right now that has even stumped our brains—and we need someone to explain what in the hell is going on!

Here's the mind-blowing photo that's causing confusion—which I tweeted out.

As you can see, the woman's feet are pointing in the wrong direction! Someone, anyone, tell me what is going on here.

Is it photoshopped and I'm just being played? Is the lady super flexible? Is she injured? Is it just an optical illusion that has a simple meaning behind it that I just can't notice? Am I stupid for asking so many questions?

I need answers, guys, so tweet me what you think might be going on.


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