Can't Get Past The First Date? Here's A Thought: Keep It In Your Pants

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In The Land of Dating, nothing is ever certain. I'm a firm believer that the success of two people romantically relies on one major factor—chemistry. The fact that this chemistry can't be taught, let alone faked, is what creates a very dismal reality for those just dipping a toe in the dating pool. You either have it or you don't, right? Well, yes, technically. However, placing emphasis on other distractions, like sex for example, might be worsening things altogether. How are you going to determine if there's chemistry on a deeper level if you're just focusing on the surface level?

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This "spark" everyone is always talking about is commonly confused for lust and in short, it's aligning modern dating with an unsavory hookup culture. This isn't just my opinion either, turns out, good conversation while a completely lost art is EXACTLY what 2017 singles are looking for.

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In a study conducted by the popular online dating service, Plenty Of Fish called Conversation Starter they pooled 2,005 respondents that revealed not only the importance of conversation, but the proof that conversation is MORE important than sex.

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Study Highlights:

The study was incredibly diverse which is always, always, always the goal for yielding accurate results. The demographics I believe to be most important are as followed—

See? That's a huge demo, especially when it comes to age and sexual orientation. Yes, I realize that the heterosexual group was the largest by well over half, but to even include other sexual orientations is a lot more inclusive than can be said for other modern dating studies. The results were pretty unanimous when it came to a couple of subjects—

Infographics For Review

I do realize it's 2017 and that while the written word is still super-duper important, ya'll prefer your statistics with a spoonful of sugar (i.e. pictures). These infographics reinforce the study in an easy to digest way—

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