Can You Die From A Hangover? Everything To Know About Curing Your Post-Drunken Pain

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It seems like every single weekend, even at age 33, I'm Googling something like "hangover cure" to help combat my decisions from the previous night. And, with New Years Eve just a few days away, you can bet your ass that millions of people around the globe will be joining my search mission, looking for the go-to advice on how to cure a hangover.

Well, guys, we have a few answers for you that might help make your hangover cure a little bit better once 2018 rolls in — and, no, it doesn't involve drinking some crazy concoction or anything. While we all have our own ways to cure a hangover, we figured that answering a few pressing questions might help your road to recovery a little bit quicker.

Thanks to our friends at Parcel Please, who reference the Great Hangover Survey of 2017 — where Brits replied to the top ways they combat one — here are some things you must know when dealing with a killer hangover. Don't worry, guys, that headache won't last forever, promise!


Can You Die From A Hangover?

To put it bluntly, yes, you can die from a hangover. However, it's not necessarily the hangover itself that will kill you, but the poisoning, dehydration and/or severe depression to your central nervous system because of overconsumption. Remember, guys, alcohol is a depressant, so it's not really great to binge on it.

How To Cure A Hangover

Of course, how to cure a hangover isn't the same for everyone. But, thanks to the aforementioned Great Hangover Survey of 2017, we have somewhat of an idea as to what the most common hangover cures are. According to the survey, 18.7 percent of Brits fry up a greasy meal, 17.2 percent said they try to nap it off, 12.6 percent said they use something like Tylenol and, surprisingly, 58.8 percent said they'd try a hangover care package.

Hangover Recovery

Apparently, not too many Brits who took part in the Great Hangover Survey of 2017 are too great about their hangover recovery. That's because, per the results, 12.2 percent of people who were polled said that they'd call out sick the day after their company holiday party. Of those who would or did, people between the ages of 23-34 are the most likely to do so, with men more prone than women. So, while a hangover cure is hit-or-mist, hangover recovery doesn't always instantly happen.

How Drunk Am I?

If you're asking the question, "how drunk am I?", than you're probably headed for a nasty hangover. And, for those who consume booze during the week, you're not all that alone — just remember to have a hangover cure that works so not to call out of work the next day. According to the Great Hangover Survey of 2017, here's the percentage of respondents who said that week night drinking is either good to go or an absolute no.

Hangover Cure

Look, there are plenty of different options for a hangover cure, but, according to a 2015 study, Korean pears are your best bet! Yeah, that’s right, Korean pears. More specifically, Korean pear juice, which has been proven to help a hangover by speeding up your "alcohol metabolism", making it easier to consume more. Per the study, by drinking 220ml of Korean pear juice before the night out, your hangover can either be significantly lessened the next day or, rejoice, avoided altogether! Thanks, science!

How to cure a hangover is totally up to you — and there are plenty of strange opinions and theories on what works best. But, thanks to the info from Parcel Please and the Great Hangover Survey of 2017, we now all have an idea about some of the most popular hangover cures, and the behavior of people the morning after when their bodies really hate them for the amount of boozing done the night prior.

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