Cancel Your Dinner Plans. Tonight, You're Dining In The Playboy Mansion With Emily Agnes

Goddamn those Americans. It's bad enough they've stolen the heart of our January cover star Keeley Hazell, but they've almost managed to lure away Surrey-born Emily Agnes to the sunny haven of California.

Alright, we admit, she has a very good reason for moving to the US - becoming the first British Playboy Playmate since 2001, spending a month living the dream at the Playboy Mansion and working towards a career as an actress are all valid excuses for potentially ditching us.

So, the chances of us UK-based folk bumping into her on Tinder are slim, not least because she hates the swipe-happy dating app. She does love Cartman from South Park and wearing oversized boys' shirts, which basically makes her your dream girl...

Emily's 5 favourite things about being a Playboy playmate

01  Having the pictures forever

“I’m going to be in nursing home with my Playboy shots on the wall, telling people that’s what I used to look like. ‘OK, Gran. Give it a rest…’”

02  Celebrity status in the US

“You become a D-list celebrity. A barman in the mansion said, ‘Call up any bar you like, tell them who you are, and I guarantee they will let you in. That’s how it works.’”

03  Making new Playmate sisters

“I met three new girls last night and we’re in an exclusive little club so we all get on really well. Being pretty isn’t enough, so they always pick really cool girls.”

04  Getting loads of money

“They pay you a lot. I got paid $25,000 for my Playboy shoot. That’s basically one day’s work!”

05  That bunny costume

“You only get the official Playboy bunny costume if you’re living in LA and have a work reason. Here’s hoping they’ll give me one soon – I want one so badly!”

_ Photography: Jay Mawson _

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