'Carbotz!' Is The Retro Parody That Mocks The Hell Outta 'Transformers' (Video)

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When you do a musical parody mash-up of Deadpool and Beauty And The Beast, what do you do for an encore? If you're director Julian Higgins, you go retro... and cheap. On purpose.

The project is called Carbotz!, and it's described as Transformers, but being done in a knock-off, low budget way by a fictional Eastern European country. Needless to say we couldn't resist catching up with Higgins to find out what the hell he was thinking.


FHM: How Did This Come About?

Julian Higgins: "This was created for an awesome company called "Loot Crate". They do an awesome pop culture subscription box every month, with a different theme, and they also release incredibly smart, high production value theme videos every month to go along with the theme. This month's theme is "Alter-Ego"—which includes some swag from Transformers, The Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man and DC."

FHM: Why Did This Feel Right Following The Deadpool Musical In Terms Of Being A Project You Wanted To Do?

Julian Higgins: I work with them monthly, collaborating with Loot Crate Studios to make fun videos! They're the ones who put the money into Carbotz!

FHM: So What's The Motivation For Creating These Shorts?

Julian Higgins: "We—and "we" includes producer Jamie Parslow, and my co-writers Adam Murray and Stephen Kramer Glickman (Big Time Rush, Storks)—love making fun, high concept stuff that integrates with the theme in a new and unique way. We had been racking our brains trying to think of a concept, when we landed on this one: What if we made a parody trailer for a low-budget Transformers movie, but as if it was made by someone who doesn't really understand what Transformers are? Something in the style of those great, weird and unlicensed knock off films from the 80's like "Turkish Star Wars" and "Italian Spider-Man". The most incredible part was legendary master of cult films, Tommy Wiseau (The Room), coming in and play the "President of America" for us. Such an unforgettable day on set for everyone.

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