The Best Cardio Workouts For Burning Fat Quickly

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When it comes to cardio workouts, a lot of dudes are hesitant. Hey, we get it! Running isn't exactly a favorite hobby of ours either. That's why when we came across these cardio workouts for men that not only burn fat quickly, but efficiently, we had to share them with y'all. Everyone wants to be fit, but not everyone wants to nearly die in the process of getting there. Turns out, getting in shape doesn't have to be a pain.

According to personal trainer, David Robson, it's important to focus on 4 main types of Aerobic training when burning fat:

Did you peep that last option? Yep, us too. Walking sounds real ideal in comparison to rowing, but before we pass too much judgement. We'll go ahead and hear the guy out, right? Right! We don't exactly need a play by play on how to conduct these exercises, but rather, why they're useful. Basically, we want to know how many calories we're burning with each respective aerobic activity, before deciding which is best. Of course, this can be a case by case decision depending upon what you've eaten that day.

Seeing it all spelled out in exact numbers is actually pretty depressing, damn! You have to jump rope for an hour to burn 1000 calories? Most of us can hardly jump rope for 10 minutes, but again, these are relative to the person. If you're so inclined to walk for 2 hours, then do it! It's about staying focused and NOT overdoing it.

Pushing yourself past physical limits isn't doing anyone a favor. Of course you want to yield the best results, but one bad injury and you're out of the workout game. Additionally, always remember to stay hydrated! Always drink water before, after, and during a workout (sort of the same as a night out drinking — water is your friend).

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