Bodybuilding TEAM Athlete Courtney Gardner On Cardio Workouts That Will Impress The Ladies

When it comes to cardio workouts for men, most of us just toss on a shirt and some shorts and go pound the pavement outside for a quick running session. That's good and all, but, come on, running can take a serious toll on your knees, joints, hips and back — and was voted as the most miserable exercise by men in a recent poll. But, fear not, gents, because we asked Bodybuilding.com TEAM Athlete Courtney Gardner for some tips on other cardio workouts for men that can be just as effective.

The lovely Courtney Gardner is more than just a pretty face, guys, as she's proven herself in various fitness competitions thanks to her knowledge of positive health and wellness and, of course, her hard work. It's that dedication to fitness that helped Courtney finish in the top-5 for the 2016 Bodybuilding.com Spokesmodel Search, eventually landing a spot on the team.


In addition to her Bodybuilding family, where she provides workout tips and motivation for people all over the world, she's also part of the Fitness Gurls team. So, yeah, she clearly knows a thing for what to do in the gym.

And, hey, Courtney also knows what a pretty woman looks for in a man — especially while working out — which is why we reached out to her to see what tips she can give guys when they're getting their sweat on. So sit back and listen up, gents, Courtney's here to give you some cardio workouts to change up your routine, as well as provide some insight as to how to get that cute gal's name and number in the yoga class you've been too afraid to try out.

FHM: Outdoor Running Was Recently Voted As The Most Miserable Exercise By Men, Have Any Good Alternative Cardio Exercises?

Courtney Gardner: "Of course! There are plenty of great ways to do cardio that don’t include running. If you want to be outside, consider biking, hiking or a circuit stadium workout! If you prefer to be inside, consider rowing, stationary biking or a stair master. My personal favorite is HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). It's the best way to burn fat and get in a quick cardio session. I recommend checking out the Ultimate HIIT Guide on Bodybuilding.com for more ideas.

FHM: Is There One Cardio Workout You ABSOLUTELY Can't Stand Doing?

Courtney Gardner: (laughs) "Burpees! Buck Furpees!"

FHM: Any Go-To Gym Classes That Men Should Attend To Meet Ladies At?

Courtney Gardner: "Definitely a yoga class! Even if you don’t meet a woman, you will get something out of it. You’re much more likely to make meaningful connections with people if you focus on your mental and emotional health in addition to your physical health. Pro tip: don’t stare, and save the chit chat for until after class!"

FHM: What's One Thing That Nearly Every Man Does At The Gym That Women Just Roll Their Eyes At?

Courtney Gardner: "Flex and check himself in the mirror. We see you doing it, boys."

FHM: OK, We Have To Know: Without Looking Weird AF, What Exercises Can Men Do To Impress Women?

Courtney Gardner: (laughs) "First of all, you shouldn’t worry about looking weird while working out, you’re working on your body and your health. Women are impressed by confidence. If you’re confident in yourself and what you’re doing, then that is more impressive than any exercise."

Lead image via BodyBuilding.com.

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