Carmelo Anthony Unloads On Instagram Troll With A Hilarious Comment

Image via Instagram

For all intents and purposes, it has not been a good year for New York Knicks superstar Carmelo Anthony, who has constantly been bickering with management—specifically the team's President, Phil Jackson—while being involved in a bevy of trade rumors.

While Melo might be enduring yet another shitty season in the Big Apple, at the very least, he's trying his best to tone out the haters. Well, Anthony may have reached a boiling point, because he replied to an Instagram troll with a genius reply to punk out the person.

Boom, roasted!

While the picture was from 27 weeks ago, for some reason, Anthony's burn is either just being spotted now, or he recently wrote it while going through old pics. Either way, the All-Star forward wins this round.

As Instagram user @undefeated_mindset found out, when you mess with the bull, you're going to get the horns. Or, maybe a more appropriate metaphor would be, when you mess with a pissed off, passive aggressive and entitled athlete, he's going to try his best to turn a community of social media fans against you with a couple crude words.

Hey, kudos to Carmelo Anthony, because his plan seemed to work, with other commenters shutting the troll down in support of Melo.

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