Admiring 45-Year-Old Carmen Electra In A Bikini Will Never, Ever Get Old

When one thinks of the name Carmen Electra, there's a good chance that beauty is the first thing that comes to mind. If not, well, maybe the name Dennis Rodman is what you think of—which takes your mind to a very different place than where ours goes—considering the two were married for a bit back in the '90s.

That would be unfortunate, of course, if that's the case.

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However, assuming your brain takes you to the former when thinking about Carmen, then you're in luck, because the 43-year-old actress/model just tossed a few photos up on Instagram that will only make you continue to think good things about her.

That's because she's rocking a bikini better than someone half her age could, and, we must say, it's something that has caught our attention.

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Of course, Carmen's beauty doesn't have everything to do with just looks. As most men know, a woman's sexiness is more about those internal qualities that gives the confidence to be herself externally—and, in an interview with Joan Rivers a few years back, ** via Muscle & Fitness**, she spoke to some of that.

“One of the sexiest qualities you can have is to be confident in who you are.”

“Rejection is part of learning how to make it. Don’t ever give up on your dreams. Make it happen.”

Ultimately, Electra adds, success comes from self-confidence. “You have to accept yourself for who you are, flaws and all. Always be yourself.”

Has there ever been any better advice than that about building confidence and appearing sexy? Not if you ask us!

Since Carmen Electra is clearly a professional at this type of stuff, go ahead and stare at some of her Instagram pics, hoping that, one day, we can all have a woman as amazing as her.

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