Looking For Your Old Reliable? These 11 Cars Last Drivers 15 (Or More) Years, As Per Research

Listen up, guys, buying a car is a serious investment. It's important that you're armed with some research before heading to any dealership. For example, knowing which cars last the longest is a huge advantage. Why make such a massive financial decision if the car is just going to crap out on you in a couple of years? Unlike shoes, cars never really go out of style. Sure, if you're all about appearances you might argue that, but, really, the purpose of a car is to successfully transport you from Point A to Point B. If the car is running well, that's all that should matter!

Fortunately, we've already done a little bit of the leg work for you guys. According to extensive research collected by iSeeCars that analyzed over 650,000 cars from the 1981-2002 model years sold in 2017, we've compiled a list of 11 vehicles below that reportedly can be drive up to 15 (or more years). As an additional piece of knowledge to throw in your back pocket for that trip to the dealership, iSeeCars also ranked which brands owners keep for at least 15 years. We'll go ahead and list those below as well!

Top 10 Brands Owners Keep For (At Least) 15 Years

1. Toyota — 11.8%

2. Subaru — 9.9%

3. Honda — 9.7%

4. Acura — 8.7%

5. Lexus — 8.7%

6. Hyundai — 8.2%

7. Mazda — 7.6%

8. Nissan — 7.6%

9. INFINITI — 7.4%

10. GMC — 7.2

As you can see, from the list above (and from the gallery) below, Toyota reigns supreme. In fact, eight of the ten brands, Toyota included, are Japanese. The only two non-Japanese brands are GMC, which is American made and Hyundai, which is made in South Korea.

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For the list of cars that owners keep for 15 years (or more), keep scrolling.