The Top 9 Cars To Buy New Over Used That Will Actually Save You Money

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While it might seem like buying a gently used car will save you money, there are actually vehicles that are better when bought brand spanking new. The best part? The differences in pricing are hardly noticeable. iSeeCars.com analyzed over 6 million new and used cars sold from August 1, 2017 to January 24, 2018, comparing the prices of new cars to one-year-old cars. They identified nine cars that only cost 15% more than their gently-used counterparts. Not bad, huh? Think about it, for 15% you can make absolutely certainty that there's not any weird stains in the backseat.

If you were thinking that these cars were going to be homely, that's not the case! These rides are some of the nicest on the market, even if they're affordable. You don't have to drive a supercar to ride in style, guys. Below, we listed all nine vehicles, as well as the difference in price over the used car. Again, it's nothing that will break the bank! If anything, you might just have to save up for an extra few months — no biggie, right?

Top Cars To Buy New Over Used

If you're about to hit the car dealership some time soon, go ahead and print out this list! It's always best to be an informed consumer! You wouldn't want to get taken for a ride by a sales person (pun intended).

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