The Chances Of Winning At Popular Casino Games Has Put Us Off Gambling Forever

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If you haven't learned by now that most casino games have a house advantage then you better sit back and get ready for some cold hard truths. Gambling is fun and all, but rest assured unless you can count cards like freakin' Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man, you're screwed. Sure, guys like Dan Bilzerian manage to rack in hundreds and thousands of dollars from it, but you've gotta remember, he's already rich! The stakes are a lot lower for him. If you blow it big time, you're likely to lose your house, car, hell, maybe even your wife!

That's why when we came across these dismal odds of winning popular casino games, we had to share them with you guys. If any gamblers are reading, consider this your invention. You aren't going to pay off any debt playing craps, we promise!

See what we're saying? DIS-MAL, at best. Simply put, the system is rigged against the gambler. Is it messed up? Totally. Is it surprising? Hell no. What did you think? Casinos were going to make it easy-peasy for people to walk away with millions? Ha! Keep dreaming, bro. Here's yet another breakdown from Business Insider just to lay it on thick:

These are the house advantages of popular casino games (with proper strategy):

At the end of the day no matter how lucky you get, you're always going to lose. The sooner you remember that, the sooner people will stop recommending you attend Gambler's Anonymous.

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