A Man's Guide To Catching A Cheating Partner

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There's really no easy way to tackle the topic of a cheating significant other. On one hand you can argue it's the most cut and dry way to end a relationship — someone cheated, game over! Let's keep it moving, right? Well, as with most things involving the human psyche, it's not that simple. Cheating comes with a whole slew of emotional trauma on behalf of the cheater and cheated. Fortunately for you guys, we're not here to discuss that aspect of this shitty topic, but rather what comes before — the investigation, dun, dun, dun.

So before you can even kick that lying, conniving, manipulative, bit—woah, woah, gotta calm down. Give me a second. Alright, better! Basically before you can even entertain the idea of breaking up with a cheater, you need to prove that they are, in fact, a cheater and here's how.


Happy hunting, fellas! Isn't love just grand?!

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