Girl Gets Brutally Pranked After Flying 400 Miles To Meet Up With Her Long-Distance "Boyfriend"

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For every catfish success story there's about 100 catfish stories gone wrong. If we're being perfectly honest, we have no freakin' clue how this crap still happens with all the crazy advances in technology nowadays — top of the line cameras, FaceTime, video chat, location tracking — the list goes on and on for days! How the hell is it possible to be fooled in 2017?!



Turns out, it's very possible and this horrendous prank is proof of that. According to Unilad:

"24-year-old Sophie Stevenson met Jesse Mateman while she was on holiday in Barcelona in August and they kept in touch. She said she believed it was a proper relationship and decided to visit him in his hometown of Amsterdam."

OK, so technically speaking this isn't a conventional "catfishing" situation. Sophie had actually met Jesse — she knew who he was, but following their vacation romance there only communication was through a phone and that's when things got sticky. Sophie explains:

"It was a proper holiday romance for Jesse and me. We slept together in Barcelona and when I came back to the UK, we carried on talking every day. We talked about having a long distance relationship."

That doesn't seem all that outlandish, right? Sure, long distance is difficult, but not impossible. Sophie had no reason to believe that Jesse wasn't who he said he was — after all, she met him on vacation!



Once there was distance between them however, Jesse showed his true colors. He might not have used a different picture, but he was most definitely a different guy. We suspect his buddies chimed in as well, dudes just love preying on innocent women in packs. Sophia explains what happened after she arrived in Amsterdam only to realize that Jesse wasn't coming:



Could you imagine?! It's one thing to have someone mess with you at home, let alone hundreds of miles away from any place you find safe and familiar. This dude is a straight up jackass and we're glad Sophie has somewhat made peace with the situation:

"'Pulling a pig’ is where a guy tries to pull the fat ugly girl. When I saw that message, I wanted to be sick. I was in a foreign country, on my own and the guy that I liked had just abandoned me.

"I replied and said ‘how could you be so cruel’ and all he did was block me. I just couldn’t believe it. I had no way of contacting him. I was petrified being in Amsterdam all on my own. I was so upset about what happened that I changed my flights so I could head home the next morning. I am furious that this happened and it’s so dangerous."

Let this be a lesson, folks! Leave vacation romances alone and remember that communicating solely through a phone isn't a proper way of truly getting to know someone.

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