Celebrities Wearing Painted On Halloween Costumes Is A Trend We Can Get Behind

These days, it seems like body paint Halloween costumes are taking the sexy costumes trend to whole new levels. While outfits seem to be getting smaller and smaller, some celebs are foregoing fabric entirely until their costumes shrink right out of sight. Yep, they're taking that "Wow, your costume is so tight it looks painted on" comment completely literally — and just painting a costume on instead of wearing anything at all. Famous women like Kendra Wilkinson and Courtney Stodden have both worn costumes that were entirely made of body paint — and needless to say, their pics aren't safe for work!

Painted On Halloween Costumes

They are, however, still pretty artistic — and it's pretty impressive that someone can actually paint a whole costume on and not look like they've just rolled around in some watercolors. These celebs legit look like they're dressed up for the holiday. Well, at least until you notice that you can see their nipples (not like we're staring — okay, we're totally staring). But hey, if they can pull it off, why not? More power to them if they feel comfortable rocking their birthday suits with nothing more on than a couple of strokes of paint. We're definitely not complaining.

Body paint costumes are basically just the precursor to today's awesome costumes made entirely with makeup, after all. And these days, makeup is pretty much an art form of its own for women. So whether they're looking to dress up as a spooky skeleton, a sailor, a sports referee or a superhero, it turns out they don't actually need to get dressed in anything. All they have to do is just strip down, maybe slap some pasties on, and let their artist friend do their thing. Because as it turns out, these painted Halloween costumes are actually seriously impressive — and hot.

Check out the gallery to see pics of celebs whose Halloween costumes were entirely made out of body paint.