P!nk And Green Day Among The Latest Victims Of 'Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets' (Video)

Image via YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

Unless you live under a rock, there's a solid chance you've seen at least one installation of Jimmy Kimmel's "Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets". From NFL heavy-hitters to Hollywood stars, plenty of celebrities have had to take their lumps on this legendary series. In the most recent episodes, Kimmel features a handful of the musical elite.

From P!nk and Green Day to Nick Jonas and Steve Aoki, the video below is by far one of the most hilarious (read: cringeworthy) clips we've seen yet. We don't want to spoil anything, but make sure to pay close attention to Alice Cooper's reading. We nearly spit our morning coffee out.

See what we were saying about the Alice Cooper one? Pretty freakin' hilarious, huh? We know it's not very nice to compare an iconic rocker to a ball sack with face paint, but, hey! The rules blur when it comes to comedy. Speaking of, we tend to think that the best part of these videos is when the celebrity claps back.

We'll go ahead and give it up to Green Day, P!nk and Common for that. They're reactions were priceless and perfectly timed. Our most unfortunate take home from this video, however, is that if you wash your pubic hair with anti-frizz shampoo, your junk will inevitably look like Steve Aoki and that, friends, is a horrifying image. No offense to his music, but we prefer our private parts to bear no resemblance to an EDM DJ.

Lead Image via YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

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