Celebs With Obvious Hair Plugs (Or Pieces) That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Thin Mane

We aren't exactly huge advocates for making ourselves feel better by making others feel worse. That said, when it comes to thinning hair, all bets are off. Us semi-balding dudes have to stick together, right? Seeing the Hollywood Elite walk around with their obvious freakin' hair plugs, hair pieces, and hair transplants, well, it sure does make us feel a whole lot more comfortable.

We're not throwing shade at any of these guys, in fact, good for them! It's just nice to know that even if we're separated by net worth, opportunity, and fame, we remain the same in male pattern baldness. We do have to ask, though, do these dudes think they're fooling anyone? Take John Travolta for example, he's been famous for, what, nearly 50 years? He has to know that people are aware his hair isn't real, or what about Sylvester Stallone? He's another Hollywood OG that's been in the pubic eye for decades. His hair has only gotten thicker, which, uh, doesn't exactly compute.

In all seriousness, losing your hair sucks. We don't blame these guys for trying to remedy the situation. Our only advice would be to try and conceal it a bit better. We mean, if you're not just going to accept the baldness, at least don't make it worse with scary hair plugs. Geez, John Travolta's give us nightmares. We wouldn't be surprised to learn if they had thoughts of their own.

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