13 Women In Glasses Who Satisfy All Our Librarian Fantasies

From the beautiful Emily Ratajkowski to stunning babes like Ariel Winter and Demi Rose Mawby it seems celebrity eyeglasses are the wave on Instagram and we are definitely here to take a ride! See, I'm not exactly sure where the whole sexy librarian archetype originated (well, If I had to guess, I'd say pornography), but it's something that men really seem to crave. Perhaps we aren't as afraid of smart women as we once thought! You know, because glasses exude intelligence—at least historically speaking, but don't get me wrong I know a lot of idiots with glasses. Hell, I know a lot of idiots with medical degrees, but I digress.

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Now, for that sake of diversity we decided to switch things up with these 13 ladies. You'll find some heavy-hitting names like those mentioned above, but you'll also be able to rest your eyes on lesser known, but equally as smokin' Instagram models. You never know, one of those gals may just be the next Kate Upton (here's hoping).

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I wouldn't wish bad eyesight upon anyone! As someone who suffers from it, it's the pits! Then again, I don't look NEARLY as good in glasses as these women do. Let's be real though, how many of these women actually have bad eyesight versus how many of them are making a fashion statement? No judgement, obviously! I'd just be curious to know. Would you guys be interested in reading something like that? Hot Women Of Hollywood Who Suffer From Poor Vision?? Nah, not really your cup of tea? Alright, alright, we can take a hint! Without further adieu go ahead and drool over these four-eyed beauties.

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