People Who Work At Chain Restaurants Reveal What Meals To Avoid And Uh, We're Sorry If You're Eating Right Now

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Everyone loves a good chain restaurant, right? From McDonalds and Burger King to more dine-in joints like Olive Garden and Red Lobster, sometimes chains are simply the way to go! Quick, affordable, no bells and whistles — sounds ideal to us.

Problem is, chain restaurants are just that — chains! There's millions of them! As such, they become harder and harder to monitor for proper protocol. Sure, corporate is saying to do the right thing — wash your hands, clean the dishes, don't spit in the food, but rest assured things definitely slip through the cracks.


That's why when Askreddit user, Samson-I-Am posed the following question, we just HAD to share it with y'all. Perhaps you'll think twice before ordering your next meal

"Redditors who work at chain restaurants, what dishes should be avoided at your establishment?"


"Used to work at McDonald's. Honestly, the food safety standards are high there but it depends on the store. I was lucky enough to work at a well-maintained store. If anything was to be avoided, I'd say any products that don't sell that well e.g. Fillet-O-Fish, just because the product sits there waiting to be used. If you're unsure, just ask for the food to be fresh and they'll cook it for you."


Thank God It's Frozen

"I used to work for TGI fridays. Avoid everything. It's literally all frozen heated up food. Real gross to see. The fries even come precooked and need to be reheated up."

A Side Of Fries And Germs

"Outback steakhouse: don't get french fries or youll be sharing them with every and any server that could get their bare hands on them while your foods being plated."


Panera Bad, Very Bad

"I worked at Panera Bread. The soups and Mac all come frozen in plastic bags that they heat up in a trough of hot water in the back. The lettuce was two weeks expired sitting in the cooler. The green tea machine was also moldy when I cleaned it one shift. But hey, the bread is fresh from the night before and whatever bakery is leftover at the end of shift is donated to charity so that's nice."

Eat Fresh?

"A friend in high school worked at Subway, and she said to never eat the tuna. All the dudes at her location would routinely mix in spit, snot, and their own special man mayo."


Mission Impossible

"Worked at Max Brenner. Some cold drinks come with a metal straw that is impossible to clean inside of, so there's loads of old chocolate and other drink gunk stuck inside. Either avoid those or request for a plastic straw."

Buffalo Crusty Wings

"Buffalo wild wings. If your wings don't take at least 10 min to come to your table, you're getting old crusty wings. We were supposed to cook a minimum amount each time, and they could only sit so long, and then we got our asses chewed for high waste. So we stopped wasting old wings and served nasty crusty wings. This is especially bad between 12:45 and 4:30. Once it hits dinner rush it usually isnt a problem. But happy hour was always a problem."


Someone Call PETA

"At Five Guys we cook bacon on the same grill we make the "vegetarian" sandwiches on."

All Hail Arby's

"Everything at Arby's is fine. I know that's a surprise but it's true."


To read the full thread, head on over to Reddit for more depressing realizations that most fast food chains are garbage.

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