Chanel West Coast's New Music Video Is Scorching Hot (And We Can't Look Away From It)

The last we saw Chanel West Coast, it was all the way back in January this year, with the blonde babe touting a new song of hers that was full of booty-bouncing and skin. And, thanks to a simple twist of luck, Chanel's back again with a new song that, shocking, puts on display her killer body and incredible sex appeal.

The 29-year-old Chanel's new hit, entitled "New Bae", features fellow rapper Safaree and, to be completely honest, is a tune that'll definitely get stuck in your head. With some killer lyrics and an even sexier video this time around, there's clearly no stopping Chanel West Coast — just look at the damn thing!

Guys, seriously, whoever directed Chanel's video deserves a raise, because, hot damn, the thing is hotter than a BBQ in the deep south. The video's chock full of sexy outfits that show the many curves of the bubbly blonde, which should make all of us happy. Not to mention that hot pink bikini scene from the pool — who can deny that?

It's not as if we needed more of a reason to adore Chanel West Coast, but, thanks to her music video and some of her Instagram pics, we have plenty more. It's a pretty good time to be alive when things like this happen on the daily, so thanks to the always lovely Chanel for providing us with the sexiness we needed to get the day started. Now let's just hope it's not so long before we see more of it from her — 'cause we could always use more of this kinda of stuff.

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